Eypo for iOS

Design / Swift / Sinatra (Ruby)

Eypo is a mobile application that provide users with insights in their monthly expenses. It connects to your bank, downloads all recent transactions and categorizes them using a learning classification algorithm.

For this application I currently develop both the back-end and front-end, as well as all the mobile and web design.

 Eypo is currently in beta testing for users of Bunq bank.

Cairn Climbing app

2018, React Native / Ruby on Rails / GraphQL

Together with my colleagues at Moonbase, we developed a mobile application for climbers and boulderers. This application allowed users to log their climbing sessions, see which routes they climbed and how long they climbed.

 Cairn Climbing provided users with analytics, giving insights in their climbing skill and progression. It also featured a social feed where they could follow other climbers, see their friends’ climbing activity, and participate in social competitions.

I mainly worked on the back-end in Ruby on Rails, the front-end in React Native, and a GraphQL API to connect them.


2016 - 2017, Project management / Ruby / HTML CSS / AWS / Websockets / and more...

Feelme.com is an adult video platform that connects video content to hardware pleasure devices.

This is a huge project that took multiple years. It includes a Ruby on Rails backend and admin panel, a (VR) video uploading, transcoding and playback system, background job processing systems, caching, CDNs, user subcription systems, connections to payment gateways and much more. Apart from that it also uses Websockets to communicate to a mobile companion app to synchronize video with hardware devices.

I was responsible for all the back-end development, including database design, API connections to third parties, and general project management.


Design / Swift / Bluetooth Low Energy

A small utility application that connects to your smart bluetooth scale. It will show the measurements made by the scale, without requiring any account or saving and sharing any data. It supports saving all measurements to Apple Health.

I initially wrote this application for private use because I didn't like that the official Medisana app requires you to store all your personal data on their servers.


2014 - 2018, Swift

Spine is a Swift library for working with APIs that adhere to the jsonapi.org standard. It supports mapping to custom model classes, fetching, advanced querying, linking and persisting.

After contributing to the JSON:API project, I built a Swift client library that interfaces with JSON:API Apis. Although I do not use and maintain this library anymore, it is still maintained by a small community on GitHub.


2014 - 2016, Swift / Objective-C / Ember.js / JSON:API / Ruby on Rails / AWS

Popapeek is a platform where hotel guests can leave video reviews, offering a better alternative to written reviews, and bringing customers and brands closer together.

I worked on UX and development of the iOS app in Swift and Obj-C, the admin-panel in Ember.js, and a Ruby back-end that contained a REST API and a full video transcoding system. I also managed sysops, working with Heroku and Amazon Web Services.